Open for Business
We are excited to announce that starting Monday morning, June 8, 2020, we are reopening. While most things will be the same, some things will necessarily be different.

What remains the same is our commitment to you and your oral health. Our staff is ready to get back to work and to greet you in our friendly, caring periodontics and dental implant practice.

What will be different are the additional steps we’re taking to help insure your safety from the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. To that end, until the pandemic is over, all patients will be required:

  1. to wear a mask while visiting the office, and
  2. to fill out our mandatory COVID-19 screening questionnaire. It must be returned to us 24 hours before showing up to the office. It needs to be electronically sent to us either by fax or by email. Please click on this link to download the file. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us immediately.

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, for the foreseeable future, here is what to expect on your visit:

  • social distancing through scheduling patients with sufficient time between appointments
  • reading materials will be removed from the reception area
  • common spaces that patients contact, such as the reception desk, door knobs, and furniture, will be wiped down with CDC-approved antiviral materials on a regular and frequent schedule. These spaces, like dental office operatories, will be treated with appropriate chemicals and cleansers according to federal guidelines for the safety and security of everyone
  • patients will be asked to wash their hands when they enter the office (hand sanitizer will be still be available for patient use at the front desk)
  • wearing KN95-level masks by the staff will be the standard of care at all times (depending on their involvement in the procedure, they may also be wearing face protection with shields, head coverings, and gowns to protect their clothing)
  • when sitting in the operatory, patients will be asked to use an antiseptic rinse prior to dental treatment― this will decrease the amount of live viruses and bacteria that can spread potential infectious agents to other patients and members of the dental team
  • elective procedures requiring a high-speed hand piece will be delayed on patients who are at high risk for having the virus until a later date when they can be medically cleared- this is because performing these procedures risks a higher potential for droplet spread of the virus if the patient is carrying it. In this situation, if a patient does require an emergency procedure, we will have to weigh the cost/benefit to the patient, staff, and to the patient when determining how to proceed
  • non-disposable items like the dental tools will be cleaned and sterilized between patients. Disposable dental tools and needles are never reused. Infection control precautions also require all dental staff involved in patient care to use appropriate protective equipment such as gloves, masks, gowns and eye wear. After each patient, disposable gloves and masks are thrown away. Before seeing the next patient, everyone on the treatment team washes their hands and puts on a new pair of gloves.

We look forward to your return and to our reopening!