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  • 5 star ratingI've been using Dr. Horowitz for years as a general dentist and periodontist. He is extremely knowledgeable and capable. He takes care to make every procedure as painless as possible.

    He is also very personable, willing to take the time to explain procedures and answer questions.

    His staff is always friendly and helpful.

    My most recent visit was for a cankar sore on my tongue, which is extremely painful. He has an amazing laser wound healing treatment that healed my tongue in only two visits over two days. It is truly a miracle.

    I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz and his staff.

    Eric R. Avatar
    Eric R.

    A professional, clean environment with a lovely staff. Dr Horowitz has a calming demeanor and makes the patient feel relaxed. He is gentle with his touch and I felt comfortable knowing I was in “good hands”.Highly recommend this practice!

    anne wasserman Avatar
    anne wasserman
  • Dr. Horowitz is amazing! His scientific expertise in getting my teeth back in shape is truly inspiring. And in my most recent visit the laser treatment made it so much easier. Thank you Dr. Bob! And thank you to Meg and the staff for taking such good care of me. Always a pleasure to see you.

    Nansi Hendrick Avatar
    Nansi Hendrick

    Dr Horowitz & his staff are very warmand personable. I have complex oralneeds, and feel safe in his hands.Everyone was very accommodating.

  • I have been going to Dr. Horowitz’s office for years and highly recommend it! Not only is the staff incredibly helpful and kind, but they are always prepared to answer any questions presented to them. Dr. Horowitz’s expertise ensures he will be the only dentist I’ll ever use!

    Victoria Leonardo Avatar
    Victoria Leonardo

    The cleaning from Diana the hygienist was by far the best I have ever had. She is fabulous!

    Meg Baricevac Avatar
    Meg Baricevac
  • I have seen periodontists regularly for about 30 years. Until I was referred to Dr. Horowitz five years ago, no periodontist, and no dentist for that matter, had properly diagnosed the cause of my gum and bone recession. Dr. Horowitz was the first periodontist and the first dentist to tell me that we needed to fix my bite in order to reduce the recession. And that advice, together with a few procedures and orthodontic treatment, has helped to repair much of the recession which occurred under the watchful eye of the previous periodontists over many years, and to significantly reduce future recession. If you’re looking for an honest, very experienced and skilled, tell it like it is periodontist, I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz.

    Angelo Loumbas Avatar
    Angelo Loumbas

    5 star ratingI went to see Dr.Horowitz recently to have one of my molars pulled. The tooth was dead and also fractured. It was not going to be easy to remove all the pieces that it had broken into.
    Much to my surprise, Dr. Horowitz used a new minimal surgery technique on me. I couldn't believe how well it turned out. There was minimal bleeding, no pain, no discomfort, no swelling to speak of, and a peaceful night of sleep.
    I said to my wife the next morning, "What surgery?" I was so happy with the way this surgery worked out. It was almost too good to be true. And by the way, I'm 89 years old and dentistry has certainly changed dramatically for the better thru the years.
    ~ Dick Kline

    Dick K. Avatar
    Dick K.
  • Painless I'm 94 years old and had implant surgery. Even with the surgery and with Dr. Horowitz adding bone in my sinus and around two neighboring teeth, I had no discomfort or swelling. With his terrific techniques, and his use of a microscope and growth factors, I didn't even need to take a Tylenol. I am very pleased.

    BA Avatar

    5 star ratingI was worried about my wisdom teeth, which all of a sudden started growing in. Dr. Horowitz saw me right away and gave me an x ray, and said I actually don't need surgery to remove them! He also gave my teeth a wonderful cleaning. He was very friendly and his staff are very professional. I will absolutely be coming back.

    Nina H. Avatar
    Nina H.
  • Thank you! I want to thank you for always making me feel comfortable even when I'm facing a difficult procedure.

    Dawn M. Avatar
    Dawn M.

    Extraction Bone Graft I felt good about it and I was amazed. I only felt a little pinch from the first novocain.

    Art Groff Avatar
    Art Groff
  • His expertise in his work. I have multiple implants and I can’t tell which of my teeth are implants and which are natural.

    Dawn Maron-Holodak Avatar
    Dawn Maron-Holodak

    I just had my first teeth cleaning since Covid arrived in NY. I was very impressed with the new protocols Dr. Horowitz has in place, and I felt very comfortable with the care given by oral hygienist Diana under Dr. Horowitz’s supervision. This office clearly cares about doing it right. June 11, 2020.

    david Rapaport Avatar
    david Rapaport

    Caring and Does Things Right I just had my first teeth cleaning since Covid arrived in New York. I was very impressed with the new protocols Dr. Horowitz has in place, and I felt very comfortable with the care given by oral hygienist Diana under Dr. Horowitz’s supervision. This office clearly cares about doing it right.

    D.R. Avatar
  • Professional, Knowledgeable, Caring Dr. Horowitz, and his staff, are very caring and professional. Recently, I had some work done (invisaligns and a dental implant), and I've been extremely pleased with the results. It's also a comfort knowing that the office has great tech, and that Dr. H teaches, researches, writes, and lectures on the latest techniques.

    E.Z. Avatar

    Very Pleased Dr. Robert Horowitz has performed three implants on me (so far) and I am very pleased with the outcome. He uses the latest tools and techniques to set the pace for the implant process to ensure the best possible results.

    Mindy Hermann Avatar
    Mindy Hermann
    President & CEO, Hermann Communications
  • Marianna Osipova RDH (SDI Rep) Avatar
    Marianna Osipova RDH (SDI Rep)

    Michelle Glassman Avatar
    Michelle Glassman
  • Marianna Osipova Avatar
    Marianna Osipova

    Extraordinary dentist and oral surgeon Not only is this the finest dentist I've ever visited, but Dr Horowitz and his team actually make the experience quite pleasant and downright fun.

    Self-verified patient of Dr. Robert A Horowitz
  • Nisha Airy Avatar
    Nisha Airy

    Alex Tourangbam Avatar
    Alex Tourangbam
  • Feels Like Part of Our Family Thanks to Dr Horowitz and the staff for continually providing quality and compassionate dental care to our family. After many years, we consider them as part of our family.

    Silvana R Avatar
    Silvana R

    I have been affiliated with Dr. Horowitz, and his staff, for 10+ years. I am very happy with the customer/dental care service I received when I first visited and continue to receive. Dr. Horowitz and his staff are professional, courteous, and all play integral roles in the promotion of "dental wellness". They all take a genuine interest in maintaining excellent dental health which factors into making the experience of going to the dentist pleasant, Texted and/or telephoned reminders about my upcoming dental appointments are greatly appreciated and allow me to arrange my schedule accordingly. Thank you ALL!

    Robin Avatar
  • The dentist is not a place people enjoy. Dr.Horowitz and his staff are great. They treat you like family because that's the way his father, Dr. Eli Horowitz treated patients. Dr.Eli Horowitz started your appointment with a smile and reassuring warmth. Dr.Robert Horowitz has taken his Dad's warmth and added to it his love for helping his patients. Every patient is guided to healthier gums and teeth. Dr. Horowitz's skill is shown with every smile. You may think Dr. Horowitz is just a local Dentist. You would be mistaken. Dr. Horowitz spends some of his time off advising countries around the world how to raise the quality of dentistry for their patients. In conclusion, I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz. In fact, there are before and after pictures of my smile. The proof is in the smile.

    Alexander S. Avatar
    Alexander S.

    An Excellent Teacher-Clinician-Research Scientist . An avid worker with tireless efforts and full of passion and energy . Thanks Dr Robert ! Indeed it's been a treat and pleasure to be with you on Workshop and Symposium at AIIMS, New Delhi .

    Anil K. Grover Avatar
    Anil K. Grover
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    Mehmet Elbirlik

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    Alex Chou
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