Teledentistry & Virtual Consulting

Teledentistry is Here

Teledentistry and virtual consulting are now available. So, if we want to see you but can’t, we still can! That is why we are excited to be able to offer remote teledentistry and virtual consulting evaluations. In other words, we can use teledentistry for planning of your treatment and for some of your emergencies.

We are excited to be able to see you virtually, when we are not able to see you in person. For your safety, our goal is to minimize trips outside your home, and the time each of those trips takes. Our teledentistry and virtual consulting system allows us to view your records through the internet. Dr. Horowitz will then make recommendations about your treatment.

Teledentistry and virtual consulting

How Do I Access the Teledentistry Portal?

  • First, you’ll need to schedule a virtual appointment with Robert A. Horowitz, DDS by calling us at 914-723-3366 or by emailing us.
  • Second, if you have not done so already, you will need to complete and submit a new patient packet. The packet may be downloaded from our patient forms page.
  • Even if you’ve previously submitted completed the new patient packet, you will now also need to submit a COVID-19 screening questionnaire & Email Consent Form.
  • In order to participate in teledentistry, you will need to complete and submit a teledentistry consent form.
  • Please read our notice of privacy practices.
  • Next, prior to your appointment, please take the time to read the instructions for taking pictures of your teeth.
  • On the day and time of your virtual appointment, use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to go to our secure teledentistry portal. After that,  just type in your name and press the “Check In” button.

What is a teledentistry consultation?

Teledentistry means a real-time interaction between you and Dr. Horowitz. As part of our teledentistry evaluation, we will show you how to take a series of photographs of your teeth to help us evaluate your dental care and emergencies. Here’s another benefit of teledentistry – less time needed in the chair when we see you in the office because we’ve taken care of much of the diagnostics and planning in advance. You’ll be charged a portion of the fee for your care and the remainder when office visits resume and after discussion with our office manager and Dr. Horowitz.

What happens during teledentistry consultation?

Dr. Horowitz will examine your mouth and collect electronic dental records. We will record what we see. Your medical and dental history, and personal health information, may be discussed with other health professionals. These discussions may occur through phone calls, video calls, or “store and forward” technology. A teledentistry consultation may require more than one “visit.”

What are the risks, benefits and alternatives?

The benefits of teledentistry include having access to Dr. Horowitz, and additional dental information, without having to travel to his office. A potential risk of teledentistry is that a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Horowitz may still be necessary after the teledentistry appointment. This could be because of your specific medical or dental condition, or for other reasons. Recommendations will be made to you about your future dental care after the teledentistry consultation. These may include recommendations about whether or not to see Dr. Horowitz in his office. A visit to his dental practice may be needed in the future, even if it is not recommended now. His recommendations may change if more information about your dental needs become known. The alternative to a teledentistry consultation is a face-to-face visit Dr. Horowitz.

Dentistry is not an exact science. Therefore, specific results cannot be guaranteed.


Our office, and the computer programs that we use, adhere to HIPAA procedures in order to ensure that your personal information stays private. There are instructions on our web site for taking photographs. Also, there are instructions for accessing our secure software program. We look forward to helping you. A separate document, called “Privacy Practices” and can be found on our website. It describes how your private information will be handled,

Your Rights.

You may choose not to participate in a teledentistry consultation at any time before and even during the consultation. If you decide not to participate, or wish to terminate the consultation, it will not affect your right to future care or treatment. You have the option to seek a dental consultation, or treatment, from another practitioner in a different dental office at any time, before, or after, our teledentistry consultation.